Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy birthday Lachlan ...

Six years ago today this little boy was born!! He is probably a day or so old in this photo.

Now look at him ...

He ...
- is very cheeky
- loves Lego (got some more for his birthday!!)
- a hoarder, stashes things in boxes and bags
- protective of his possessions, gets very upset if others touch his things, particularly if it is his brothers or sister!!
- loves cricket and football and swimming
- caring
- sensitive
- has very curly hair especially when it is too long, like right now, really needs a cut!
- fairly confident
- enjoys the company of boys and girls!!
- particular about what clothes he wears, goes through different phases over the years with this. At the moment refuses to wear sandals to school even when it is hot, only wears a white school t-shirt, even though he usually gets it very dirty.
- seems to have gone off eating meat at the moment and doesn't really have a favourite meal
- his birthday request for tea is roll ups ... tortillas with meat and salad, but he will proably have grated cheese, plain yoghurt, lettuce and maybe a little piece of tomato in his tonight!!
We love him to bits!!


:) Tiff said...

time flies so fast.
say happy birthday to him from all of us.

sandra said...

Happy Birthday Lochlan!!!
See you Tomorrow at XRoad I hope!!!

amanda hall said...

Happy Birthday Lachlan!

he is also a bit of a ladies man ;-)

hope you all had a really nice night together and i hope you are feeling better Meredith!