Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today ..

  • I worked as a community nurse

  • Rohan went to Kindy

  • Hannah went to Granny's

  • Jack went to school

  • Lachlan went to school

  • John carted gypsum to Edillilie and our farm near Yeelanna

  • it was warm

  • it rained

  • it poured in Cummins (34mm in less than an hour!!)
  • this happened about 5 kms from our house ...

  • tomorrow we set up for our Escape 2 Create scrapbook retreat
  • tomorrow I pack a car load of stuff for the retreat


amanda hall said...

i got some shots of it too M - pretty amazing hey!

That is a good one though - it had dissapated a bit by the time i got my photo.

For two seconds i thought we were in the middle of the US with tornados coming towards us!

busy busy ;-)

:) Tiff said...

pretty specky wasnt it.

and just a bit scary too.

sandra said...

Great shot Meredtih.
I saw it as I was picking up the kids from school...
I was expecting to see a cow flying by!
Ryan was fascinated!

Anonymous said...

Now Meredith , you really should send that photo to the Times!!Its a great shot. really really.
Cheers Trish.S.