Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day ...

Well Mother's Day was good although it didn't turn out how it was planned to at the beginning of the day!!

Had been invited to a bush BBQ. John could go, then couldn't, then could and eventually he decided that the spraying needed to be done today and the weather was ideal. So that was fine ... I headed off with the 4 children to the BBQ ... got to the farm but didn't know where to go and I couldn't see any definite tracks to follow and no mobile phone service at the BBQ spot as couldn't get in touch with anyone.

So decided as we were 1/3 of the way to Tumby Bay that we may as well go there for some lunch. Got to Tumby ... 2 children asleep and every where looked booked out!!

So finally found a spot and could park right at the front to leave the sleeping children within sight!! Had fish and chips and the boys had hot dogs and chips.

Had a long session at the play ground afterwards and a drive around Tumby before heading home.

Not very much fighting and pretty relaxing so a good afternoon.

Now for some leftover Madras beef curry and a glass of red for tea ... yum!!

Tried again to get a photo of the 4 kids together ... went for the touristy shot rather than anything remotely creative!!

As you can see ... no success!!

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