Sunday, August 23, 2009

For Jack ...


maryanne r said...

my gosh meredith, have you come up for air at all this weekend?????
mind you perfect weather for staying indoors and scrapping!
some really fabulous pages!

sandra said...

wow! YOu have been a busy girl!
I am in between jobs at the moment so I don't have time to comment on them all, but you have done some fantastic pages!
lucky you to find the time!

amanda hall said...

pmsl at Maryannes comment 'come up for air' LMAO

these look brilliant Meredith! You are so clever at cards / invites!!

is the star stamped? What about the alpha? Traced or stamped? Totally awesome. LOVE the colour combo!

Anonymous said...

Amazing invites!! Might have to commision you to make some for Thomas!! haha!! Melissa, your sis!