Sunday, January 3, 2010

Today ... we had a party!

Rohan is 5 in 2 days time but today we had a pool party!

We have a wonderful pool in town that can be hired from 10am to 2pm and it has a BBQ and kitchen facilities!

I didn't take many photos and the ones I took aren't very good at all ... oh well!

He invited his friends ... unfortunately 2 couldn't come but we had a lovely time!
The cake ... I am not a cake decorator but he was happy!

The jelly shots .. for kids with Natural Confectionary Co dinosaurs!!

Happy birthday!!

He had a great time and has some wonderful friends that he is about to start school with - I can't believe it!


SueP said...

Great cake!! I remember doing jellies with confectionary for my kids....the kids love them!!

Happy Birthday to Rohan!!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Rohan, what a fantastic cake!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was fun party Meredith. Sorry Harry couldn't make it, I hope Rohan enjoyed himself !
The cake and jellies look great !!

amanda hall said...

Happy Birthday Rohan! Hope you had a brilliant day. We certainly thought of you!

These photos are great Meredith - what are you on about woman!?