Sunday, May 27, 2012

reading ... "Love and Hunger"


Love & Hunger

(I love the graphic design of the cover too!!)

I had seen a few write ups on this book in newspaper and magazines and ordered it on line recently.

It came in the mail on Tuesday and I finished it by Wednesday!!

It was a fantastic read if you love food, enjoy cooking and even a bit of facts about food and cooking too.

Each chapter focuses on a different area ... such as food at funerals, comfort food such as soups, dinner parties or having friends for dinner and more. Each chapter has recipes at the end that are written about in the chapter. There are also suggestions for pantry basics.

So many things in this book I could relate to ... like how she grew up with eating chicken only on birthdays and special occasions. We grew up with chooks but only for eggs, not for chopping their heads off to eat them!! Living on the farm now most people around had chooks for eggs and chopping heads off so they ate chicken a lot more often when they were growing up!

I grew up with watching dad kill the sheep ... I can still visualise the "guts spilling out" as he cut and the smell of the meat in the meat house where he cut up the meat after it had hung in the coolroom for a while!

The chapter on having people for dinner was a great reminder of cooking things that are yummy but also simple or easy so that you can enjoy your friends' company too.

The chapter on giving food to people or accepting food gifts was a good reminder too ... sometimes we might not feel we need to accept the food but that could make the giver feel un-appreciated

On Thursday I made the soup called "Pharmacy in a Bowl" ... I don't know why I've never made vegetable soup before but it was very liberating grabbing all those veggies out of the crisper that were not 100% and chopping them up to make soup ... waste not want not!! Then I thew in a cup of red lentils that were grown here on the farm a few years ago!

So if you love food and enjoy cooking I can recommend this book.

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