Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rohan ...

We have a son who has never been very keen at all to do any sort of swimming lessons. We got to the point where we left it, he has a very determined personality so we knew there was no point in pushing the issue.

On Sunday John decided that he need a bit of encouragement as there was school swimming this week so he took him to the pool and he actually did a few things that he had never done before.

And then ...

this week so far he has had 4 of the 5 days of swimming lessons ... I think John brought home a different boy on Sunday ;-)

He has been hilarious every day he gets home from school, giving us a full run down of every second of the lesson (well that is what it feels like!! LOL)

Do you have those "child revelation" moments? You know where they finally get something?

It is an amazing thing as a parent to see ... it might be when they finally get eating (that is the next thing he needs to get sorted still!!), reading, writing ... just doing a particular thing and you wonder why has it taken them so long but then think hey how wonderful it is to see that moment :-)

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