Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Pinterest recipes that I have tried ... quinoa

I wanted to make two quinoa salad recipes last weekend so I looked over on Pintrest and pinned a few to try ...

These are the ones I used ... 

Moroccan Carrot & Quinoa Salad | happy hearted kitchen

And here is mine :-)

Recipe for Moroccan Carrot and Quinoa Salad ... very tasty.

The Happy Hearted Kitchen blog looks to have lots of other delicious recipes too :-)

Then I made a Mediterranean Quinoa Salad from Closet Cooking

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

Photo from Closet Cooking

and my version ... this one tasted very good too :-) I added avocado just before serving.


Mardi said...

We love quinoa n our I'm always so excited to add a new recipe to my collection...I can not believe how awesome yours look...exactly like the recipe!!
I made this recipe this got huge ticks all round..
Mardi x

Gina said...

these look delish!..think I might try the carrot one this weekend..'bout time I finally opened our first packet of quinoa ;)