Tuesday, June 1, 2010

graffiti artist ...


Jane said...

Love this Meredith..looks great!! this has reminded me of when Benjamin was little (around 2-3 years old) he drew on his walls with crayons (still there - couldnt get it off), drew on our red leather lounge with permanent texta, drew on our car with permanent texta - the "incredibles" family (stick figures) all down the side of the car - over both front and back doors, painted the time keepers box at the footy club and drew on the roof of our car with crayons (still there) - I should do a LO of all those, but I dont have photos of any of them.....great idea and totally relate

sandra said...

that is so funny!
(not funny for you at the time though! and OMG Jane!! you had a resident ProHart!!)
Meredith this layou is so cool!
Love all the grunge and the different coloured alphas in the title.

SueP said...

Wow Meredith, love the spray painting effect....it is just brilliant!! Love the 'grungy' wild stitching too!!

Great LO!

amanda hall said...

nar nar nar nah

told you so!

brilliant even if you don't know it yourself!