Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy birthday to John ...

So today was John's birthday.

We had a lovely staggered breakfast (with everyone getting up at various times LOL) ... John, Lachlan and I had Julie Goodwin style poached eggs and John & I had ours on Five Loaves sourdough ... yummy!

Then we had a tidying up kind of day at home ... John planted the five weeping Mulberries out from our northern French doors and I made the bed up in the "new room", tidied up the "new room" a bit more, did some washing and planted a few things in pots and made a birthday cake.

The birthday cake today was from Real Living magazine ... Choc Fudge cake ... it was delicious!!

For dinner tonight I made Craig's Thai Prawn Curry from the most recent Masterchef magazine (Issue 14) ... absolutely delicious!! John's new favourite prawn dish!! I added red capsicum and snowpeas.

I can't find any links to the recipes at the moment :-(

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