Sunday, September 11, 2011

Birthday cake ...

So I'm thinking of making Hannah a dolly vardon style birthday cake!

I have ordered my tin from Donna Hay Online ...

dolly varden tin

I might try her recipe in the last Kids Donna Hay magazine ...

or maybe

The Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Cookbook

But I have been reading that they can be a little tricky to cook ... eeekkk!!

Just found some tips on line ...

from Planet Cake Tea Party forum

- Use a lighter cake mix - butter / sponge or light chocolate cake. Mud cake - not a good idea!
- Place tin on a tray (otherwise it will tip over in the oven, never a good thing!)
- The top rim of the tin needs to be in the middle of your oven (so the base of the tin is close to the bottom of the oven)
- some of the older tims have a metal column that goes down the middle of the cake, get one of these if you can, they bake much easier
- when checking to see if cooked (always allow a bit longer) put the skewer in straight, but when pulling it out, pull on a slight angle so the cooked cake at the top does not pull off the uncooked cake on the skewer, as you will think it is cooked, but it isnt.

Then the decorating ...

maybe something like this ...


or with the fondant icing that Donna Hay used!!

And then there is the dolly part ... I have bought a $5 Barbie look alike from Kmart that I need to de-leg ... LOL Wish me luck with that ... one forum suggested sawing off the lower part of the body ... LOL!!

Photos to come after the party!!

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