Friday, October 14, 2011

Boarding school memories ...

The boarding school I went to no longer operates as a boarding school but there is a 

Facebook page and some of the girls have been posting memories ... oh my goodness it has 

brought back lots of memories of those days!!

I spent 5 years at Boarding School ... from year 8 to year 12.

  • A special birthday cake from a shop on Jetty Road, Glenelg ... I think it was Wenzels (when there were 3 terms of school I always had my birthday at boarding school!)
  • trips down to Jetty Road to go shopping and buy a bag of hot chips and on the way back eating them even though we weren't meant to eat in the street
  • trips home on Stateliner from the old bus depot for the school holidays ... we had to wear our uniform home on the bus but lots of people changed in the toilets ... we had a long trip to Woomera!! 
  • the fashions over the years ... most memorable ... socks tucked over the bottom of jeans and little scarves over the top of the collar of our shirts and tied at the back ... what were we thinking!! Really wanting the trendy jeans but only having the basic ones in the range ... can't remember the brand ...
  • running to the letterboard each Recess desperate for a letter or even better a parcel ... I still remember the girl who had a pen friend in South American who received a broken card board box of pistachio nuts before we had even heard of them!!
  • claiming to have periods on swimming carnival day!! Or actually having periods when the swimming carnival was on!!
  •  standing under the huge Morton Bay Fig tree ... it was spectacular!
  • shopping just before I started in year 8 for each and every essential item on the list ... I can remember the shop on Jetty Road (no longer there) where Mum took me to buy most of it, I think it was pretty trendy at the time LOL
  • midnight feasts 
  • Fried eggs that looked very much like plastic and oh so oily that we had to use the paper napkins to de-grease them and the infamous fritz fritters
  • watching Prisoner in the common room 
  • Dancing classes with Saints boys 
  • having only about $1 pocket money each week and from not being allowed to make more than 1 phone call per week (to parents only) 
  • going to chapel 13 times per week 
  • going to the Style Council for hair cuts with the spunky male hairdresser who I saw was in the top stylist a few years ago!!
  • finding the cigarettes and Summer Wine that the year 9's had hidden under the floor boards when I was in year 8
  • the year 9's (again!!) piercing each others ears with an ice cube and a needle!!
  • the entrepreneurial year 9's who made and sold tissue box covers and fabric photo frames!!
  • listening to the radio on Saturday nights ... can't remember the show but basically a countdown of music I think
  • the smelly bed lights in year 10 and 11 ... commonly referred to as the fanny lights!!
  • a girl that had to be taken off early from the social to the FMC to have her stomach pumped after drinking too much at her grandma's on a day out ... definitely not me!!
  • the same song being played at the end of a boarding house social every time ... American Pie by Don McLean
  • going to the Academy Picture Theatre ... not there now!
  • Friday night trips to the Mall ... took so much time catching the tram in and waiting to get the taxi back and time in the taxi  I'm not sure why we bothered!!
  • once in the city spending time in the down stairs The Gallery (it was under John Martin's I think) checking out boys etc!!
  • going to Marion Shopping Centre in a taxi ... much better time spent but no boys to check out!!
  • 1980's music ... great site here with most of the ones I remember ...
  • the house mistress who wore the highest of heels and long manicured nails and had her hair done very week ... she looked really old  at the time! And the other house mistress who would call down the corridor "nighty night" and we would call back "pajama pajama"!!
  • Being sent to the sick bay when you were sick and the 2 girls who overdosed on Vitamin C tablets and had terrible diarrhoea!! (Again not me!!)

So many more memories but just a few that I can recall for now!!

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Lauren said...

What awesome memories Meredith :) Where abouts did you go to Boarding School?? Woodlands? xx