Saturday, October 22, 2011

First week of school ...

 for all four!!

I don't think I magically had lots more time but it was a busy week with a student free day, a trip to Port Lincoln and 2 busy days at work so I suppose that filled in a fair bit of the time!!

I'll see how next week goes!!

Hannah was so excited about going to school but I think the excitement turned to overwhelm-ment once she was there at the beginning of each day. By the time she got home she was telling us that she had a good day!!

And thank you to at least 2 teachers who gave her a hug ... her own teacher and then yesterday a secondary teacher :-)

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amanda hall said...

oh that is a great photo Meredith. They all look so great, happy smiling at the camera!

I can't believe your little baby is at school too!! Piper thinks it is wonderful.

When you finally have a day at home, alone - you will love it.