Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We had a party at our place with lots of friends ... a relaxing time under the pergola and luckily the weather cooled off a bit during the evening / night after a very hot day.

Lots of people stayed the night in beds, swags, caravans and camper trailers ...

Great memories ...
- lovely glasses of Moet, with a little bit left over for another catch up soon!
- great company and time catching up with friends
- beautiful Cosmos made by Amanda
- BBQ tea cooked with lovely salads
- the little paddling pool that cooled lots of people off!
- fun dancing to "Hey Big Spender" with Brooka!! Lots of laughs!
- thinking at about 4.30am of how good we felt and luckily feeling fairly good when I woke up (although some others didn't fair quite as well!)
- yummy BBQ breakfast cooked by Masterchef Speed - great work!
- early Coronas with lime today
- sleeping under the air con after everyone left 
- waking up to discover that Cummins was at one point this afternoon the hottest place in Australia!!
- deciding not to go to the beach
- then deciding to go to Point Drummond with the Halls and having a very relaxing time!

Point Drummond


Some of our group

Looking up the beach - the only ones there ... how lucky are we to live so close to such a beautiful beach!


Natalie said...

Oh how I miss that

SueP said...

what a good day for the beach!!