Saturday, January 7, 2012

So finally some scrapping!!

On Thursday I received my long awaited Silhouette Cameo! Yay!!

So this morning I unpacked it and got to work.

After a couple of false starts I had some success ... lucky it's only paper hey!

Firstly I went for a title and then once I had taken the letters out I used the rest as a mask ...

Then with the next one I wanted to try a different technique and it was a little more labour intensive!!

When you put the cardstock through the cutting machine it temporarily sticks to a sticky mat to hold it in the correct alignment and the mat being new is fairly sticky and to get the cardstock off after the cutting is a slow process but worth it I think :-)

Next time I think I will try cutting some shapes rather than just the fonts I have tried so far :-)

1 comment:

SueP said...

Love your cut-work on the 2012 and then the clever masking of the same....looks great!! there is no stopping you now girl!! cutcutcut away!!