Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dinner tonight ...

We were lucky enough to be given some abalone today (still not entirely sure if it was black lipped or green lipped!)

I have never had it before and John had only had it on a footy trip years ago!

Fish Cookbook Pete Evans

Luckily I had borrowed some cookbooks from our local library and one of the books was Fish by Pete Evans ... published originally in 2007 it is one I am definitely going to buy ... living in such a great seafood area of the country!

In his book Pete says that this is the most expensive seafood to come from the sea. 

So there was a recipe for abalone ... page 16 ... abalone schnitzels ... basically crumbed in panko crumbs.

I was a bit nervous as I had heard lots of people say it is tough but tonight John cooked it and it was so tender and delicious. Really yummy and Jack and Hannah liked it too, Lachlan tried a bit but not Rohan!!

So thank you Jack H for harvesting them and letting us try them :-)

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