Sunday, July 22, 2012

Disney on Ice and Adelaide ...

Yesterday I took Rohan and Hannah to Disney on Ice. They really, really enjoyed it, Hannah said "I loved it"!!

When I was growing up we occasionally went to stage show, we went as often as we could living 7 hours from Adelaide. It was something I think is a wonderful thing to do with children.

They were amazed by the ice skating. Hannah was a little scared by the Halloween scene but loved the rest. Rohan loved the cleverness of the skaters :-)

The only negative for me was how expensive everything was particularly the "Disney" food and other merchandise.

$15 for a bucket with popcorn!! I think the fairy floss was similar. The helium filled Mickey and Mini Mouse balloons were $20.

Obviously they are on a winner because children want and parents buy!! I felt a bit guilty buying the last Mickey Mouse balloon and other children missed out but the main reason I did was that when Hannah was in hospital a year and a half ago she was sent some balloons while she was in hospital but when we  flew home we couldn't talk them on the plane :-( and had to deflate them before flying home.

We have had a great 3 nights in Adelaide. We have shopped a lot and tomorrow we will go and see Ice Age 4 then head back to my parents for the night before driving home :-)

Our children are close in age (4 born in 5 years) and sometimes it is a wonderful experience spending special time with one or two of them together. Rohan and Hannah have had a few disagreements while we have been away but on the whole they have been so beautiful together and entertain each other when I am trying on clothes!! LOL!!

The thing that has distracted them from boredom while shopping is the chance to go in a lift or on an escalator!! The simple things hey!!

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