Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pizzas ...

Tonight I had a go at making pizza bases, not something I have tried before.

The recipe I used was from the Feast magazine, May 2012,  for a tray pizza ... 


1. it didn't mix so well in my Kitchenaid for some reason and I needed to add extra water.

2. we made a double recipe so the kids could make their own pizzas

3. the base was very good although thicker than I would like

4. I would try this recipe again.

5. Our topping was passata, artichokes, champinion mushrooms, Kalamata olives, anchovies, baby spinach, roasted capsicum, dried mixed herbs and mozzarella ... yummy!

Next time I think I'll try this one, recommended to me by Carrie :-)

Pizza dough and grissini recipe by Karen Martini

Another one I will try is one Kathryn suggested from ...

Pizza dough

I would love to hear of any tried and tasted recipes ...


Lauren said...

Perfect timing! I was just texting Tatum to find out where her pizza dough recipe is. I'm going to give the Karen Martini recipe a go :-)
Thanks!! X

SueP said...

I too have been trying my hand at pizza bases this winter. I have been using Laucke's white bread flour and a dough hook on my kenwood to knead for 6 minutes. Rolled out thinly and put onto a pre-heated pizza stone...result= devine crusty bases!!

Certainly chuffed with my efforts!!