Thursday, August 30, 2012

Red wine braised beef cheeks

Okay so the photo isn't too good but tonight's dinner was sensational!!

It is something I have wanted to cook for a few months. I had purchased the main ingredient a few weeks ago but didn't work out to cook it then so they went in the freezer.

I had inadvertently ordered the same ingredient at our local butcher which I picked up on Monday ... again I couldn't cook it straight away so it went in the freezer until this morning :-)

So what are "they" you are wondering?

Beef cheeks ... yes as they sound the cheeks of the beef!! LOL

I have seen a lot of recipes in cooking magazines recently and thought I would love to cook them.

I found this recipe ... Red wine braised beef cheeks in Donna Hay Issue 63 (June / July 2012) and gave it a try.

The original recipe was served with Paris mash but I decided to try polenta and green beans ... it was delicious and I would highly recommend them :-)

It was an easy recipe and the results were a beautiful winter meal :-)

I can't find the recipe on line but Googled similar recipes ... give it a try :-)

Locally the Cummins Butcher will get them arranged for you and I also bought them at the Gourmet Butcher in Port Lincoln. The ones I cooked tonight were from Cummins and were magnificent :-)