Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's wet, wet, wet ...

This is the dam at the start of our drive way ... the water is actually flowing away from it now because it's so full!!

This is a little creek just near our house that rarely has water in it ... not now!!
I have a thing for creeks ... I didn't remember my "thing" for creeks until we started having so much rain in June and now July.

When I grew up we lived on a sheep and cattle station where we didn't get a lot of rain but when it did rain we usually got a lot!! So rarely creeks. But I just love them. Not so much rivers but little creeks and streams!!


sandra said...

wow at the amount of water at your place.
That creek shot is amazing.
Was great driving to Kapinnie today and just seeing all the water around... lovely to see dams full around the place too

Melanie said...

I always think of you guys after we have rains as Amanda once said you get we have have just had...... Hope it is falling in the right places :)
X Mel

Anonymous said...

love the shots of your dam and creek. We have had lots of rain, but not as much as you down "South".
Jane P :)

amanda hall said...

our place looks similiar Meredith (funny about that i guess lol) - i have never seen so much water laying around. 'The gums' are under water!! totally needing a snorkel next time we go there for a lazy Sunday afternoon!

It is nice to see isn't it? Now for a teeny bit of sunshine!

amanda hall said...

- i in similar above.

sorry have got red wine fingers!