Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tonight ...

Image taken from the official site ... Masterchef Australia.

Very soon we will be watching the final of Masterchef Australia!!

The boys have really enjoyed this show and know who all the contestants are and try and guess each night who is going to win the challenges!!

They also love the theme song, "Hot and Cold" by Katy Perry ... I think that may have something to do with the "rude" word in it ... b@*ch!!!

I love to see all the food they cook and think for a "reality" type show it is so much more because you can actually learn something from it and try it out at home!!

Go Poh!!


amanda hall said...

lol we loved it too. But glad Julie won in the end........Poh seemed a bit full of herself where Julie was just a nice normal 'mum'. Gosh i cried my eyes out when her kids and husband came in!!

Great show!

Cassandra said...

Ditto Amanda. Poh still gets stuff out of it see shes doing column for Sunday mail. Julie was genuine and this may really help her believe in herself which is hard for any of us to do. xxx