Saturday, July 11, 2009

This little princess ...

was very naughty today.

While I was on the telephone to my sister, Kirilie, she climbed up onto the dresser and found the bottle of quick drying nail polish, then she proceeded to spill it on the floor boards and the leather lounge!!!

I did a "Shannon Lush" and used acetone to get it off the floor boards ... that worked.

But the leather lounge ... well I tried one of the spots ... you can tell where I did it from the slight discolouration of the leather ... eeekkk!!!

Might try again later on the three other areas ... not very happy with her.

She was carted off to her room and is still asleep now.

She just seems to have a makeup fettish ... now I know I love my lipstick but I never wear nail polish and only ocassionally wear mascara so she truly is a girly girl!!!


sandra said...

oh dear!
Probably one of those moments where it's not funny at the moment but one where you look back on with a smile.

Anonymous said...

yes I have had similar - Benjamin drew all over the back of our 3 seater leather lounge with permanent texta - good ol metho got it out. and he drew on our "new" then silver Pajero with permanent texta down the outside (and I am talking both front and back doors worths of drawing) of
The Incredibles" (Disney movie) characters - we had the whole "Incredible" family drawn on the ouside of our car in black texta. I screamed - a lot!! funny now though
Jane P :)

:) Tiff said...

buga. big buga. esp on the leather.

I have a thing for creeks too. Saw one come down on a station in Broken Hill. Watched the very first trickle into a Hu-bloody-mungus dam. Flew over the dam next day and it was chock a block and spill over. amazing amount of water.

congats on your pick up from Sue's sketch.