Saturday, November 7, 2009

Today ...

Well the kids and I were up early to head off to ... cricket!!

Today was Jack's first game for the Scorpions!!

He batted (no runs), bowled an over (no wide balls - excellent!) and fielded a number of shots!

He was pretty pleased with himself!! Can't show any other photos as lots of kids in them!!
Then we came home via Cummins, nearly got cleaned up on the road just south of Yeelanna ... someone decided they liked my side of the road better as they headed towards us! It was way too close to a disaster for me. I felt quite shaken up by it, especially with 4 children in the car.
When we got home I was determined to get this project done ...

a very simple Santa Sack for a special little boy!!

It will be in the post on Monday!!

Now maybe tonight or tomorrow there might be a little bit of scrapping done or my "homework" for a on line course I am doing!


Anonymous said...

I hope that is for my special little boy!! Love the photos of Jack. He looks very handsome in his cricket gear and soooooooo grown up! Sorry to hear about your near accident-very scary. Glad to hear you are okay. Will ring you this week sometime. Will be home a bit as it is going to be stinking hot. Have a funeral to go to on Tuesday arvo so that won't be very good in the heat. Kirilie x

Anonymous said...

Thankyou Merd! It looks great! Yes, hope you are ok after the incident on the road. Go jack - you really look the part! Good on you! Uncle john just purchased a new cricket bat! Hope it's worth it!!
Melissa xo