Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday & Saturday...

Friday was Lachlan's 7th birthday!!

He woke up still not 100% after having a day off school on Thursday but headed off. I had to collect him early.

He had 3 friends for a sleepover which was very exciting for him!! We had tea and a cake and then they had a late night and an early rise!!
About the cake ... on the way home after the early school pick up I asked him about the cake decoration ... he said "what about a dog?" ... knowing this would really stretch my artistic ability (as I have none!!) I asked him for another idea ... "what about red and blue and white ?" he said ... I thought oh that's easy ... then I clicked ... The Western Bulldogs ... a dog ... the colours!! So I printed off a guernsey and did strips of coloured icing and found red, white & blue candles!
Lots of fun!

Saturday Hannah had her second swimming lesson which she loved ... although I wasn't sure if she would go in as I hadn't found her bubble to wear ... anyway after some convincing she thoroughly enjoyed the lesson!!

Then we loaded up and headed for Coffin Bay to take the boat on its first outing since we picked it up on Tuesday!!

Lachlan got the prize for first fish landed in the boat!
This little rascal took over fishing and was getting the good ones (Whiting!!) so we got enough for our tea and headed home!

An enjoyable afternoon and every thing ran fairly smoothly!!

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