Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ruth's Quilt for Hannah ...

On Sunday night I was sitting on the lounge with Hannah stitching this little block ...

She started looking through the small pile of blocks that I had already done and saying that she really like them!

Then I looked through them and found one I hadn't stitched which said "stitched in 2005"!!! Can you believe that ... 5 years ago I started this project!! Tut tut!!

So even though I started it before she was born I told her that I would make her the quilt!

I figured it was about time that I finished the whole project!!

So yesterday I finally found the already cut up fabric ... see I did have good intentions!!

Although a few strips hadn't been cut yet and I didn't have quite enough fabric so off to the stash to find a few more pinks. This quilt is for Hannah, a lover of pink!!
Then I sat done and sewed. I got half of the quilt top together and then it was time to get tea ready!

I am about half way through the stitcheries. So half way done altogether!

Although Hannah thought that I was going to have the quilt on her bed last night!!

The pattern is from this book by Leanne Beasley and the quilt is shown on the cover.

This year I really want to get a bit more sewing done. When I was looking for the extra fabric yesterday I discovered that I have a number of projects that I could work on this year and probably through until 2020!!!

I think I might get this quilt professionally quilted in a stipple. I have made it one strip longer so it is better for her bed. I will consult the quilting gals on Thursday!!


Anonymous said...

It's looking sensational!! You should be very impressed with yourself!! Look forward to seeing it on Thursday!!

Christine said...

It looks gorgeous! You're so clever!

Dallas Shaw said...