Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not long now ...

Well tomorrow is set up day for the retreat ... I can't believe it!

Then after work Friday I head down and meet up with Amanda, Sue and Mel!

I have piles of stuff everywhere in our craft / play room ready to be packed into the car!

My dear husband surprised me today with the arrival of a laptop so I can take that to keep track of costs and for our Power Point class presentations!!

I keep on checking lists and double checking to make sure I haven't forgotten anything ... I keep on checking our financials to make sure I have all the costs included ... so much to think about!!

But on the whole very exciting ... this is our third retreat and each one is slightly easier than the previous as we sort of know what we are doing now!

Stay tuned for the post retreat wrap up ... Amanda has done some great ones in the past!


Anonymous said...

Itll be just FANTASTIC Meredith, you all do a wonderful job. I cant wait, see you Friday :)
karen d

Fran Tynan said...

Oh I SO wish I was going to be there - hope you guys have an ABSOLUTE BLAST!!!!

Fran xx