Thursday, March 25, 2010

So bloomin' surreal ...

I still can't believe that we will be on our third Escape2Create retreat this time tomorrow night!

Today we headed on down and started the set up ... it went really well!

Even planned a last minute look for the main hall that we are all pleased with!!

The car is packed and I am virtually ready to head off in the morning ... drop Hannah off ... go to work and then head on down with a Four Loaves bakery coffee in the cup holder to North Shields!!

It is getting so exciting ... it is so lovely to have Mel here with us!

Just need to pack a bottle of wine or so and then I will be completely ready!!

Just hope I get a little bit of scrapping done!! Stay tuned!!


maryanne r said...

looking forward to it meredith, well after I finish packing I will be!
some fantastic layouts below too,I especially love the dynamic duo one, gorgeous colors!

Christine said...

Have a wonderful time, I hope it's amazing!