Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Reading ...

Last night I finished The Kite Runner ... wow I really enjoyed reading this one. 

I thought it was very well written and not at all predictable. Also a fascinating insight into another culture.

I had borrowed it from a friend.

I am usually one to buy books but as I wasn't sure when I would be next near a book selling shop  I decided to venture to our local library this afternoon to see if they had the author's other book, "A Thousand Splendid Suns" ... yay they did so I plan on starting that soon ... maybe tonight.

The librarian said they had the DVD of The Kite Runner but I decided that I think I would be disappointed in the movie after reading such a detailed book.

I think maybe watching the movie first in this case would have been better.

I would love to hear any comments on the movie from anyone who has watched it.


Lauren said...

Hi Meredith!
I read A Thousand Splendid Suns late last year, and thought it was FANTASTIC!!!
Enjoy reading! xx

Anonymous said...

I read the kite runner last year and thought it was a great book too...after I go over the awful bit...I haven't sought out the movie but, like you, I rarely find the movie any good after reading the book. I haven't gotten to a thousand splendid suns yet but it is sitting here on my shelf when I'm ready for it...(it's handy ahving a sister or 3 to share books with LOL).
Hope that you are enjoying the school holidays!
Tatum xx

Fran said...

Hi Meredith - I've read both of them too and thought they were great!
But do not hurry to watch Kiterunner AT ALL. Sorry if anyone loved it - this is just my opinion - but I was prob the most disappointed I've ever been in a movie where I've read the book first. It just didn't 'hit' me like the book did - and probably the thing that ripped my heart out the most in the book wasn't even included in the movie - so no, I wouldn't recommend it.
(and also hubby HADN'T read the book and he didn't like it either - but that coudln't been that the whole thing wasn't in English and he doesn't like reading movies!)