Monday, October 11, 2010

A big day today ...

this morning saw 4 children getting on the school bus!!

And yes she went off to kindy in a tiara!! Well it is a very important occasion!! LOL

I had many attempts at taking a photo of all 4 of them but I am a failure in the photo taking department I have decided!!


Gina B said...

WOW!!!!! Big day, I love the tiara. My last one starts Kindy tomorrow, she is very excited. Im struggling, should I be sad my baby is a big girl, or over the moon to finally have some time where I dont have someone constantly saying "mum, mum". How did you spend your day?

Anonymous said...

Love the tiara! Hope you got to get some stuff done for yourself today!

amanda hall said...

Oh Meredith you are SO not a failure in the photography department. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the perspective of the last one with the bus coming down the road. It tells the perfect story for Miss Hannah , her tiara and first real day at Kindy. An excellent picture in my book!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cocktail lady
Thanks for a great weekend!
Friends,laughter,foodetc and of course scrapbooking what more could anyone want?

Jane said...

all kindy girls need a the photo