Thursday, October 28, 2010

One of our favourite dishes at the moment ...

Laksa with tommie roughs!!

The tommies don't defrost for normal cooking (ie crumbed in the fry pan) that well but we have discovered that they are delicious in this dish!!

I buy the Ayam Malaysian Laksa paste (it is medium in hotness) and follow the recipe (roughly - depending on what is in the fridge or pantry) that is on the jar.

Last time we added the hard boiled egg and that was quite nice. I also like to add maybe a tin of baby corn. bok choy, chopped and red capsicum or a tin of water chestnuts or another Asian vegetable that you can buy in tins at the supermarket!

Goes nicely with a glass of Pikes Sauv Blanc too!! LOL

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miasmummy said...

Meredith, that Laksa looks sooooooo yummy! Might be curry night around here tomorrow night now. Lots of vegies but maybe chicken or beaten up beef instead! Yum yum yum! x