Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dinner tonight ...

 cooked in the new kitchen ...

Ian Parmenter's Hot & Happening Prawns ... yummo!!

The recipe was in the Advertiser a few years ago ...

basically ...

  1. Heat oil (I like sesame oil) in a wok and add garlic, ginger & chilli (start with a teaspoon of each, adjust according to your taste)
  2. Add vegetables - I usually use capsicum, thinly sliced; snow peas halved; maybe a small tin of water chestnuts or baby corn cut in half; tonight I used brocolli cut into little pieces
  3. Stirfry and when nearly cooked add prawns ... enough for however many are eating dinner (!!)
  4. Continue to stir fry and then add a splash of brandy and ignite with a match to "flambe"
  5. Then when nearly cooked add a small tin of low fat coconut milk / cream and stir.
  6. Before serving add finely chopped coriander
  7. Serve with steamed Jasmine rice and a cold glass of white wine ... sauvignon blanc or tonight we tried a Primo Estate La Biondina Columbard!!
You could also add a tub of bean shoots just at the end. Or finely sliced carrot earlier in the cooking.

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miasmummy said...

YUM!! Will be trying this one out Meredith! x