Thursday, May 19, 2011

Scrapbooking ...

After seeing this on Tatum's blog I had to find it over on Ali Edward's twitter account ...

"Don't waste your time making pages that don't tell a story that is absolutely meaningful to you."

When I am scrapbooking I think so much about when the photo was taken and  what the moment was about.

At times it is hard to find a photo when you want to scrap a comment that your child has made and you just don't have a photo for that moment ... I find that tricky but they are things I want to record too.

But probably I love the photos that aren't perfect the most because they record the story more than anything ... like the photos I was trying to take yesterday of the 3 boys kicking the football after school on our new piece of lawn ...

  1. John doesn't really want them to kick the footy there
  2. they kick the footy with their socks on & retrieve it from the dirt
  3. once they have finished kicking the footy they walk inside with the dry lawn on their socks .... ggggrrrrrr
  4. the footy gets kicked onto the roof which means waiting for John to get it down OR trying to get the ladder to get it down because Mum (me!!) is afraid of heights and can't climb the ladder!!
  5. they end up fighting or someone gets hurt
  6. Many of my lovely glass candle holders have been broken
  7. the 2 planter boxes of violas probably don't stand a chance
These are our stories ... about the photo that isn't that good ... but I so want to scrap it soon!!

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