Sunday, July 17, 2011

Reading ...

Mum suggested this book

Started Early, Took My Dog

Mum had said you had to stick with it at the beginning ... lots of different characters and no chapters in the traditional sense. 

So I stuck with it and have just finished reading it this morning and really enjoyed it!

Intriguing and it made me want to keep reading to see how all the characters joined up to make the story.

Thinking I might try another one of her books soon!

Now I am deciding between ...

The Other Family

and this one on the new book stand at our local library ...

(The copy I have has different cover)

New book quirk of mine ... When I select a new book I will initially look at the blurb on the back but by the time I begin reading the book I don't re- read it ... so far I have found it seems to give the story a little less predictability!!

Do you have reading quirk??

When I was at school I had a girl in my English class who always read the last page of the book first ... wonder if she does still!! LOL


Jane said...

I am not a huge reader but i am reading the Sookie Stackhouse series atm (12 of them in series i think) but i always read the first few pages and then i read the last few pages...then go back to reading it from the start first....

miasmummy said...

I just about always read magazines back to front, obviously can't do that with books, but I think it's a bit weird!! x