Saturday, July 9, 2011

What's cooking ... ??? follow up ...

Pea, ham & lemon soup ... had some for lunch ... can't work out if it's salty or the lemon is making it taste like that ... don't think I'd make it again but was worth trying ... will taste again and see.

Roast pumpkin soup ... delicious!

Sticky date pudding ... fantastic and went down well with the dinner guests last night although John told me off for making the serves too big! As it is quite a light pudding I think the serve was just right ;-)

The vegetables I cooked last night to serve with the undercut steak were ...

- roasted asparagus with olive oil, salt flakes & pepper ... good!

- roasted baby Truss tomatoes with basil & olive oil ... nice

- potato gratin from Delicious July 2011 ... good!

- Green beans with lemony breadcrumbs from Australian Good Food July 2011, p. 80
... hhhmmm I wouldn't follow the recipe again ... at the end you added the beans and lemon juice to the cooked breadcrumbs but the lemon made the crumbs all gluggy and I had to fish them all out before serving. Next time I would just sprinkle the crumbs over the top!!

I also made a Red wine jus from Donna Hay's fast, fresh & simple cookbook ... took a lot longer to make than the recipe said but it was good.

Tonight ... another taste of the pea, ham & lemon soup ... ;-)


Kathryn D said...

Looks like you might be on the catering team, for the retreats he he

Marika said...

you amaze meredith when do you get time to cook things like that.