Saturday, January 10, 2009

Holidays at home ... !!!

Well today was relaxing ... slept in slightly, went into Cummins to see John's dad for a belated Happy Birthday (on the 8th ... also Elvis's birthday, which his son reminds me of every year!!).
Oh, but no I had a special job to do today ... I was an Ambo helper!! No one else was available (it is holiday time!!) so I went for a ride in the Ambulance ... lucky I'm a nurse so I could actually be of help!! My first ride in the back of an Ambulance with a very considerate driver (my DH) so we knew when all the bumps were coming up!!

Then we went to see "Pop".

Then home, a little rest, and a bit more scrapping. Then I thought I'd escape the visit to the pool that the boys had planned but Hannah woke up just as they were walking out the door so we all went.
After their swim ... Hannah got very cross when she had to get out, she loves the pool ... it is hot chips time ... Jane & Sean cook fantastic hot chips ... here is a photo!

Then home for tea ... Salt and Pepper Calamari and the yummiest Asian style coleslaw type salad (A Jamie Oliver recipe) and then TV time for the kids and WWW time for me!!

Tomorrow ... probably more of the same except for the Ambulance!!
Will post a couple more LO tomorrow ... still can't believe how many I am getting done in the last week or so!! Hadn't scrapped much for a while before this!

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