Friday, January 23, 2009

This week ...

Well after our lovely day Saturday the beach fun didn't end there.

We went to Tumby Bay to stay with some friends at their shack, for one night. John spent the day fishing and I went over late afternoon with the kids. Had a yummy freshly caught fish tea and a few cold drinks! Very relaxing and a bit of a late night ;-)

Next morning after breakfast we ended up staying for lunch and even though we had stripped the beds and packed the car we decided to stay another night ... so relaxing and the kids were all having fun. So we indulged in a few cool drinks ... John tried quite a few concoctions made up by our host!!

Then we had a curry tea ... yummy.

However Hannah hadn't had a day time sleep and she was hysterical at 10pm so I lay down with her.

Tuesday we headed home after the kids had a pancake breakfast.
Wednesday and Friday ... I have worked.

Thursday we had a retreat meeting to sort out more of the nitty gritty plans ... as it is less than 2 months away ... eeekkkk!!!!

No scrapping as I need to get to Rabbit Photo to print some off ... planned to do that next week on Tuesday. I think I'll be there a while!

Today the transformation has begun ...

I'll post an after picture when it's finished ... it has taken 7 months to get to this point! Don't hold your breath!!
You may be wondering what I mean ... a pergola!!! I saw a lovely one at a friend's house (Brigette) and came home with some photos of it ... as you do!! Then John and I had a plan!!!

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