Sunday, January 4, 2009

This weekend ...

Well hello!!

What have we been up to?? Well New Year's Eve we went to a party not far from our farm, on another farm with some great friends. Had a great night and a little headache on New Year's Day!! As you do!!

New Year's Day (Thursday) we went for lunch at a friend's shack at Coffin Bay ... great day and just really relaxing sitting on the decking, having a BBQ lunch and then a late pizza tea and coming home. The kids had a ball and we had fun chatting and laughing with friends!

Friday I worked in the morning and then caught up with Jeannie and Ingrid for a chat and birthday wishes for Jeannie. Then home for Hannah to have a sleep and then off again!! This time to Annette & Peter's for a harvest cut out BBQ. Enjoyable evening and yummy food.

Saturday saw us enrol Jack & Lachlan for VacSwim for this week coming and then off on our adventure!

We drove to Port Lincoln. John took the boys to see Madagascar 2 and Hannah & I did a bit of shopping (Rohan's birthday present in particular!).

Then the fun part ... we stayed the night at the Port Lincoln Hotel!! Or as the boys call it Mark Rusciotto's hotel (former captain of AFL team Adelaide Crows !!). We checked in then looked around, then had a swim in the pool! Then Hannah had a sleep and I took the boys to a playground for some time out! Then a few photos in our room, well actually we had 2 rooms to fit us all in!!

At 6.30 we went for tea in the dining room and then for a walk to get an ice cream, then back to our room/s ... eventually to bed!!

Had a yummy breakfast in the dining room this morning and then off to the Hardware shop to check out the timber for our timber panel fence for one side of the pergola ... when it is erected eventually!!

Then home!
Oh then off to Cummins for a swim at the pool ... great pool at Cummins!
Will add some more photos later.

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:) Tiff said...

oh my gosh. you have been such a social butterfly.
And u lucky chick with the Lincoln sleep over. Would have never occured to me to take the kids. Looks like they had a ball. great one of Hannah by the pool.
cheers from Tumby