Monday, September 7, 2009

Current crop ...

This year we have a bumper crop of brocolli!

Six seedlings were planted and one struggled. I have just cut the third "head" off and the first one has shot some more broccoli off!!

Luckily it's not just John and me that like it - Lachlan loves it!!
I am not so sure about the brussel sprouts though - they were planted ages ago and we are yet to see much resembling a brussel sprout!! We'll keep waiting!
As I walked back to the office I saw this - sage flowering, such a pretty herb!
I hardly ever used it as I herb - I love the flowers more!!


maryanne r said...

my meredith, what beautiful broccoli you have!

sorry if I wasnt much to talk to saturday.was hard to talk to so many people, when everyone was feeling so devastated, iykwim?.

amanda hall said...

Thanks for the fantastic head you gave me yesterday (broccoli that is!)