Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hannah's birthday ...

Well I failed miserably on a number of fronts ...

the cake was terrible. I used a recipe of a very well known Australian chef / cookbook author (many cookbooks) and I am sure the cooking time was way too long as it was very dry!! I am so tempted to try making it again but cooking for much less time to see what happens.

then when it was time to do the cake / happy birthday ... the battery was completely flat in my camera ... eeekkk ... it was fine in the morning ( 2 out of 3 bars showing) ... so cross ... luckily my s-i-l had her camera ready to go. Just need to get the images from her now!

Oh well I think Hannah had a fun day and everyone else!!

In the dress I bought her ... she left it on for 2 days!! Oh and the sunnies!!


amanda hall said...

Definately NOT a failure!!!

It was a perfect afternoon. I did not hear ONE complaint about the cake - infact the kids loved it.

And the camera battery is strange! That kind of thing can happen to anyone! Don't worry.

I think Hannah had a total ball, and that is the only person that you had to please.

Top marks in my book!

Jane said...

Looks like hannah had a lovely time at her party. kIds love cake no matter what....i am sure it wouldve be yummo