Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So what has been happening ...

Friday night ... we went to a dinner with two speakers ... Darren Leahman and Wayne Phillips (cricketers) ... very funny and had a great night!

Saturday ... Football Grand Final ... the A reserves netball team won and unfortunately the A grade football lost.

Sunday ... football and netball windup ... Jack & Lachlan got their minis medals (Lachlan's first year) so they were excited and Rohan got a Mars Bar for his first year of mini minis!!

Monday ... worked with my lovely new colleague!!

Tuesday ... taught a class at The Shabby Chic Shack at Lock (The recipe box shown here previously)

Wednesday ... worked with another girl observing (she has nearly finished her enrolled nursing training, lovely girl, so another good day at work!).

Thursday ... not sure yet!!

Quote of the day ...
Hannah asked me if I could put a DVD on (Cat in the Hat - for some reason I don't like that one!!) and I said "no not at the moment".
She said "I'll ask my daddy"!!!

She often refers to "her daddy" like he is no one else's Daddy (her 3 poor brothers miss out!).

If she sees John's ute coming up the drive she gets very excited and says very loudly "My daddy's coming!!".

We were in the supermarket in PL recently and she asked me what "her daddy" was doing and then went on to ask what Rohan's daddy was doing ... luckily no one overheard her!! I did try and quietly explain that he was the same person!!

And she is 3 on Sunday ...
"What do you want for your birthday Hannah?"
Answer: "A pink cake" and "a pink pi-pod"... yes she wants a pink iPod ... no such luck unfortunately darling!!

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amanda hall said...

There is some birthday pinkness coming her way - let me reassure her of that! Very funny re. "her daddy" way too cute Miss Hannah.