Friday, September 4, 2009

Today ...

this little boy turned 8!!!
Jack is pictured here in the wash tub at our house when he was about 6 months old (I think)!!
It is the earliest photo I have on the computer (in the days of film cameras!!).
Tonight he has had 3 mates come home on the school bus and they are staying for a sleep over!
At the moment they are all out playing cricket!!
Oh and our beautiful pergola has now turned into a cricket arena ... if you don't mind!!!

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amanda hall said...

awwwwww Happy Birthday Jack!!

He hasn't changed a bit!!! Well maybe a little bit - lost those cutie rolls but boy oh boy the face is still the same! awww

Those party bags look AWESOME!! love the cuttlebug work ;-)

totally inspiring!

Hope you survive the cricket-fest!
(and the pergola too!)

- lots of !!!! in this post....