Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Children's books

Today Hannah and I visited our local library as they have a Book Fair on at the moment.

I love books!!

We have lots of books.

I love to buy novels ... that feeling of opening up a new book to read is wonderful!

I have recently re-discovered that I can have that new book feeling by going to our local library and going to the "new book" section and borrowing books that take my fancy!! And it is free!!

So I borrowed a couple of books today and then read three books to Hannah ... "new books" too!!

Then I think she found one of the most worn and pre-read / pre-loved books in the library to borrow!! Very interesting observation!!

Then we had a look at the Book Fair. The three boys had come home with 2 books each on a "wish list".

So I made a couple of purchases!!

Then tonight I had a bit more of a look at one of Jack's choices and thought "wow he chose well"!

He enthusiastically read the first 2 chapters!

So I have been on line and ordered a few more in the series ... Our Australia by Phil Kettle .

Quite funny as this same author has been read by Jack many times through the TooCool and BoyzRule series!

I shopped here!


Cassandra said...

Hi Meredith Rysan my 10yr old loves Boyz Rule Series to can you tell me names of other books you purchased by same author wouldnt mind getting more for Ryan either as loves reading.x

Anonymous said...

Isn't the library just a beautiful and amazing place-wish I had been there when you were having such a lovely time!!!! The book fair was a huge success with my little boy too-he's been reading enthusiastically every day-think I might have to go back and get another couple of books!!!
(the wannabe library technician!!!!)