Sunday, August 22, 2010

This and that ...

On Thursday Hannah and I went to the Playschool concert with a friend and her daughter. It was lots of fun!

Then we went for a walk and the girls had a Wendy's icecream ... yummy! 

We chose to have a coffee and then some lunch!

We have had two rather late nights out in a row ... a special dinner for 10 at the Port Lincoln Hotel which was lots of fun and we had a sleepover there!!

Then last night we had our football and netball club count night ... great fun, dancing, time with friends and another sleepover!

Yesterday I came home and made a yummy banana smoothie ... helped a lot!!

Unfortunately no ingredients left to make one today!! Just what I feel like though!!

Rohan has a birthday party this afternoon and Jack & Lachlan are playing in a minis football carnival.

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