Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our girl ...

Hannah has a great day at footy ... hanging with her friends Joe & Mia, swinging her handbag, which is sometimes carried or held by her friend Joe!!

This one is a little disturbing ... LOL!!!

Yes those terrible lollies called Fads, when I was young they were called Fags, can you believe they got away with that!!

Last night at the clubrooms she was seen accessorising even more with a strand of silver beads and "lipstick" and then checking out her girlfriend, Mia's stuff too. Then the token male carried their bags over to the dining table!! Mia's Dad is quite a hit too - ordered her tea and was the one she gave her jacket too when she didn't need it anymore!!

Mia's Mum and I ... well a glass of red wine is always good!!

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SueP said...

A cute little how she always has her handbag with all the right accessories!