Sunday, August 8, 2010

What's been happening here ...

  • today ... some gardening in between the showers of rain ... moving things around and pruning the weeping mulberry
  • today ... a little bit of scrapbooking
  • yesterday ... footy at Lock ... the boys won their game by one point so they were very excited and sang the team song with enthusiasm!
  • Friday ... worked & then went to the Sheoak Craft Cottage for a scrap night ... good fun, got a bit done, chauffeured my good friend so she could have a drink or two 
  • Thursday ... exercise class and then stitching at Ingrid's ... achieved a little bit!
  • Wednesday ... work, Hannah to child care and pre-entry ... she loves it! Then the boys to footy training
  • Tuesday ... exercise and then can't remember!!
  • Monday ... too long ago!! Probably housework!!

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