Monday, September 1, 2008

First tooth

Lachlan lost his first tooth today.

It was a bit tense for a while with John running around threatening to pull it out with the pliers!?!

I eventually gave it a yank and out it came! Now there has been a note left for the tooth fairy and great excitement!!

Took some photos of Hannah this morning.

Thanks for stopping by! Hi to Jody, my first commenter!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos Meredith!! And clever you getting organised with a blog!! Love your LO's!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sorry Meredith, forgot to sign out,

SueP :)

amanda hall said...

ahhhhh these photos are brilliant!

found you ;-)

as you know i love love LOVE your scrapping. That photo of R has to be my fav too - oh no at nearly a delete!!!

Thanks again for coming on the road trip with me last Friday. It was a great night shared with a great friend :)

Dee Molina said...

Hi Meredith -- gee I think you little'n is a bit young for Cross Stitch :p


:) Tiff said...

what a cuttiiee pootuiee