Thursday, September 18, 2008

Retreat class!!

Well last night I started having a think about a class that I could teach for the retreat next year and I think I might just have come up with something!!

Will have to give it a trail run and then consult ... if it's not okay it can always go in the pile of things I've done!!

Our retreat is lots of fun and organising, hopefully this year I will be able to help a bit more with doing stuff to get ready for it!! Felt a bit slack last year.

Had a bit of time to think up an idea last night as Lachlan wasn't very well and coughed on and off all night. Hannah and Rohan have been sick too but thank fully they slept all night! John was in Adelaide for an SAAS meeting last night / today. This morning Lachlan has been very dramatic with his illness!! He is sick but the carry on the rest of us have had to endure so far this morning would surely not help him feel any better ;-)

As a result I am missing my Bump & Grind class (DH name for it) aka circuit class this morning. Really enjoy it but it is hard work!! Two classes a week have been great this term but make for a busy week with 2 part days working too. Hopefully I can keep up to 2 classes next term or at least for some of the term. It gets a bit tricky with harvest starting in October / November.

Looking like it will be quite a warm one here today - good for washing not for crops though.

Now off to work out a few more thoughts for this retreat class ... ;-)

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