Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hannah in her own bed!

Last night Hannah slept in a bed for the first time, all night!! Tonight she went to sleep quickly in her bed!!

Jack will be 7 in two more sleeps ... can't believe it!

Went to Port Lincoln today and got my hair cut and did some shopping. Bought Jack's birthday present ... he wanted a new fishing rod and some tennis balls!! Talk about sport mad!

Saturday night while watching AFL footy on TV Lachlan said "When this is finished can you sing the Melbourne song Mum?" I couldn't stop laughing ... there weren't even the team playing!! He did at least have the words for me to sing!! (Not that I obliged!!)

On the way to town on Saturday Rohan said "Mum why have you got your washing shoes on?" Could not work out why he thought my Crocs are my washing shoes, except that I wear them out to the clothes line to hang out washing, among other things I do wearing them!!
Took this photo of Hannah and Lachlan on Sunday. Tried to take on of all four together ... a bit difficult!


amanda hall said...

OMG M - what a totally perfect photo!

wow. beautiful.

:) Tiff said...