Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our escape 2 create retreat

Today Amanda, Sue, Tiff and I had a meeting (LOL sounds official, hey!!) to do some more planning for our retreat. We discussed what sort of classes we are going to run and how, costings (the hard part), decorations, logo ... very exciting!! Still 6 months to go but hopefully the planning will be a bit easier than the first one as we have a bit of prior knowledge now!!

Saw the first dead snake on the road today ... eeekkk, now when I go for a walk! One thing I am really scared of is snakes.

Teaching my mini book class on Friday night at Lock ... looking forward to it. Hope I don't forget anything. Made a couple of cards with the left overs, nothing startling but just a basic example of what you could do!!

And a couple of recent layouts ...

Oh how I wish I could ...

1. stamp straight

2. get a scanner to scan my LO's!!


Belinda Venables said...

How adorable are those cards of yours...yummo!

Love the layouts too...:D


:) Tiff said...

so noice.... love mwah. that one just really got me.
awesome stuff

amanda hall said...

these are brilliant Meredith.

pfft to the stamping straight. It looks brilliant just how it is.

the cards are great too - so cute!

I am getting excited about the retreat already!