Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day trip ...

Yesterday after Jack & Lachlan had their Swimming lessons I met up with Amanda for a trip to Tumby Bay.

First we headed to the shops and spent a little money ... Lil Red Zebra, Liquid Stix, Pomp and Palaver and Patches at the Bay.

Then we headed for the beach ... we all had a great time ... Amanda and I took lots of photos ... about 200 each!!

Then we decided to stay for tea as our husbands were both busy ... John carting grain and unfortunately Greg had a break down to deal with.

Sat outside at the Tumby Bay Hotel and the kids ran around on the lawn and played cricket until Jack hit the ball over into the neighbours fence!

Amanda and the girls head home at about 9pm and I decided to do a drive around the Christmas lights with the kids ... didn't get home until about10pm (Tumby is about 40 minutes drive from our house).

Now if had have had Tara Whitney at my right elbow I think I would have been too nervous to take a shot but they would have been far, far, far better shots!! She is one amazing photographer!! Check out her blog for some inspiration!


amanda hall said...

These are fantastic!!!

how hilarious that i also mentioned Tara in my blog post about the day....i think she must have been foremost in both our minds.

I think it might have paid off though!!!

Love the one of the fence and the kids playing in the background, the close up of the seagull (WOW) and also that last one of Hannah (adorable)

great shots!

:) Tiff said...

just gotta love the roll of Hannah's hips in her walk and the bandaid in that last shot. And agree with A that that seagull really is eyeballing you.